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Services  -  Residential Services
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Residential Programs

Residential Services, under the guidance of the Director of Residential Services, provides care and support in activities of daily living and accommodation to developmentally disabled individuals of all ages. Individuals served may include those with dual diagnosis and physical disabilities. Our team approach to service delivery is holistic with the clients' goals influencing the service provided.

Service goals include:

  •  To provide each client with a safe, enriched environment and the support necessary to function as independently as possible;

  •  To increase community access and integration;

  •  To develop and maintain family contacts;

  •  To develop, implement and annually review clients' Individual Support Agreements;

  •  To develop, implement and annually review program goals and objectives on an ongoing basis;

  •  To ensure appropriate access to medical and other community resources.

OCAPDD is very fortunate to have a team of expertly trained, hard-working and dedicated full-time and part-time staff, families and volunteers who are committed to providing quality care for our clients. Residential Services continues to work collaboratively with daytime supports and many community services. Examples of these include:

Other support models:

Our Familyhome and Community Support Services pages describe the other support models available through the OCAPDD.