OCAPDD/Open Hands Innovation Fund
Initial Funding Request
Project Title:
Applicant (contact person and group or organization): (Indicate the name of the contact person(s) or group and organization that is making the proposal; and very briefly (in one sentence) describe your relationship with OCAPDD/Open Hands and/or people with developmental disabilities and the developmental disability community) (1/2 page max.)
Brief Project Description Describe in 2 or 3 paragraphs the proposed project or program being submitted for consideration.
Impacts and Benefits Describe how the program or project is expected to benefit persons with developmental disabilities in relation to OCAPDD/Open Hands. Are there any other impacts that might be expected? (1/2 page max.)
Funding Requested Provide the best possible estimate of the total cost of the activity, program, or project over the time frame proposed.
Overall Project Budget
Other Costs:
Timeframe Expected Start Date:
Completion Date:
Approx. Annual Expenditure (if more than 1 year) Yr.1 $
Yr.2 $
Yr.3 $
Implementation Arrangements Describe in 1 or 2 paragraphs how the project will be implemented, and in particular who will be responsible for carrying out the project.
Additional Partners/Funding Sources (if any) Indicate (i) if the proposed project is being undertaken along with another person, group(s) or organization(s); and (ii) if additional funding is being received, or requested from other sources; and if so, how much.
Assessing Benefits and Impacts Describe briefly how you would measure and assess or evaluate the benefits and impacts. You can describe quantitative impacts (for example number of persons who might benefit; You can also describe qualitative impacts (for example, how you might expect quality of life to improve as a result of the innovation).
Additional literature You may wish to submit other literature that may assist us with our consideration.

* Successful applicants agree to OCAPDD/Open Hands using images or information about the proposed project/program in media releases or other publications.