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Tips on Using the Module :

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This e-learning workshop on serving customers with disabilities is designed to support businesses and organizations in meeting the training requirements of the customer service standard. Here, you will find tips, suggestions and good practices on providing accessible customer service. It is important to note that this is not legal advice.

Here are some tips on using the module for best learning:

Find a time when you can do this training without interruption. Put a sign up at your desk, office, or work station. Avoid telephone calls until you are finished.

Close all other programs that you use when you are at the computer, such as your e-mail.

If you are listening to the audio, consider using headphones or a headset instead of speakers so that you do not disturb others.

If you have time, I encourage you to enrich your learning by reviewing some of the Tips, Tools and Links in the Resources Section where you'll find additional material like guides and self-tests.

Remember that you can be flexible with this training: it can be a resource for an all staff training session, incorporated into additional training, or done alone. Whatever works best for you.