Man in a wheelchair with young woman - support person - being shown merchandise by an employee in a clothing store.

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Some people with disabilities that you encounter will be accompanied by a support person.

A support person can be a personal support worker, a volunteer, a family member or a friend of the person with a disability. A support person might help your customer with a variety of things from communicating to helping with mobility, personal care or medical needs.

According to the regulation, support persons must be allowed to accompany an individual with a disability to any part of your organization that is open to the public or to third parties.

A customer with a disability might not introduce their support person. If you’re not sure which person is the customer, you could take your lead from the person using or requesting your goods or services or simply ask. Once you’ve determined who your customer is, then speak directly to him or her not to the support person.

It's also good practice to confirm with your client or customer that they want the support person to be present while confidential matters are being discussed.