Marc with a female employee in a business setting, who is on the telephone.

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Sometimes your customers will have difficulty accessing your services. Most customers have specific needs or preferences. Being positive, flexible and open to suggestions will help to create a good customer experience.

If you notice that your customer is having difficulty accessing your services, a good starting point is to ask how you can best help them.

Often, there are simple solutions. For example, your customer is Deaf and doesn't have a sign language interpreter. You could ask him, in writing, if using a pen and paper would be a good way to serve him. Remember, if you're discussing confidential information offer to return the notes to the customer or to destroy them.

Perhaps your customer can't reach some of the products in your shop because the displays and counters are too high. You could offer to bring the products to him or her.

If the menus in your restaurant are unreadable to someone with vision loss, you could offer to read the menu aloud.

Be prepared to help with doors if your business doesn't have automatic door openers.