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The Quinlan Adult Developmental Centre 

The Quinlan Centre is a social and recreational life skills program geared to the adult with special developmental and physical needs. Care and supervision are provided by professional staff who receive specialized training for various medical issues. The Quinlan Program is a learning environment encouraging through a structured, scheduled format, personal centered approach, development and enrichment of basic practical self-help skills. The following options are offered daily with each program individually tailored to meet the needs of each client.  Programs are 

  • cooking.
  • music
  • computer
  • nutrition.
  • kitchen safety.
  • personal hygiene.
  • physical fitness.
  • community awareness & integration.
  • crafts.
  • leisure & recreational Involvement.
  • communications.

The Quinlan Individual

Is an individual who is at least twenty-one years old, developmentally handicapped requiring extensive support in basic social development, medical care and practical self-help skills. The individual must be able to behaviourally co-operate within a group of up to four, under the close guidance of an instructor.

The Quinlan Staff 

The staff work in partnership with families/caregivers, health and social services professionals. We provide direction and support in all capacities of program life. Assistance, teaching and supervision are ongoing responsibilities throughout the entire day. This is an essential element for the highly dependent individual. The environment of the Quinlan Centre has been adapted to accommodate individuals in a homelike setting. The Centre is closed between Christmas and New Year.


To provide a stimulating environment in the maintenance and development of life skills. To provide a wide variety of training programs to motivate clients towards social and recreational activities.


  • to maintain and develop language and non-verbal communication skills.
  • to maintain and develop knowledge regarding body awareness (i.e. hygiene skills).
  • to maintain and develop nutritional awareness skills and to develop meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, serving skills and table etiquette.
  • to maintain and develop the individual's competencies in relating to others.
  • to maintain and develop the individual's competencies with regard to the use of leisure time; both while alone and in group settings, with an emphasis on the need for cooperating when interacting with others.
  • to utilize community resources offering a limited variety of opportunities.
  • to develop skills necessary for an individual to progress to and function in a pre-vocational setting.
  • to utilize professional services and consultants, i.e. : behavioural consultant, Rehabilitation Centre
  • offering physical fitness exposure and development with a focus towards providing specialized services based on individual needs and priorities.

The Quinlan Adult Developmental Centre 

 171 Donald Street  Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1N1  Telephone: (613) 744-8504  Fax: (613) 744-5964    


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