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Eligibility and Access

Service Coordination Support/Soutien Resource Room

The resource room is a place to:

  • inquire about community resources for persons with developmental disability.
  • receive assistance in completing service application forms.

Resource Room Hours
Drop in anytime during these hours

Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

For any other time, please contact Service Access at: 748-1788 for an appointment.

150 Montreal Road
Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario
K1L 8H2

(613) 748-1788

(613) 748-1018

Web Site

Service Access

Intake and Information
The Intake and Information worker responds to the initial phone calls. This may include giving information on community resources for persons with a developmental disorder, and registering referrals. A referral will include taking the demographic information, verifying the needs and strengths of the individual or family requesting a service, and requesting the assessment information. The referral is then passed to ASSESSMENT AND OUTREACH.

Assessment and Outreach
The Assessment and Outreach workers follows-up on referrals completed at Intake. They will assist the individual or family to link to appropriate resources, either in the community or to Developmental Services. Initial Needs Assessments are completed for internal referrals, which will determine the level of need. The referral is then directed to children or adult services.

Special Services Worker Bank
The Special Services Worker Bank operates as a resource to enable families to continue to care for the special needs child/adult in their natural home. The WORKER BANK assists families by providing potential workers for families to hire and carry out respite services and/or developmental programming. The families are funded by the Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities or Special Services at Home Program.

Case Management
Case management is a voluntary service between the Case Worker and the client. It is intensive, goal focused and holistic, enabling the person / family to manage their own needs and promote their strengths. Case workers assist clients and families to link to supports and services in their community.

Community Options Registry
The Community Options Registry is a complete registry of all individuals requesting either day or housing options for the developmental services network. Case workers assist individuals to explore and access available options which best meet their needs.

Agencies within the developmental services network notify Community Options when a vacancy occurs. This allows for a referral to be forwarded, based on a priority system for individuals in most need.

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